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Every case varies but we can typically repair a unit for a fraction of the cost of replacing with a new appliance. And we also provide a Parts-and-Labor Warranty on all repairs!

Electric dryers use coils to heat and there are numerous components that can come into play with a dryer not heating. We can quickly diagnose, and repair most dryers the same day.

Clothes taking too long to dry? The dryer may not be heating properly, or the the airflow could be restricted. Schedule a appointment and we will get to the bottom of it.

If your dishwasher isn’t washing like it should, its always good to clean the filters, and use quality detergent but if this does not improve your washability then we can quickly diagnose and repair most dishwashers.

When your refrigerator isn’t as cold as it should be, cleaning the coils underneath with a brush, or vacuum could improve its ability to cool. If this doesn’t work our Certified Technicians are up to date with the newest appliances, and would be happy to get your “ice box” back to the right temperature.

Is the load of clothes uneven? Washers have a suspension system that can wear out as well. We keep most of these parts in stock for a fast, and efficient service.

When your dishwasher is leaving water on the floor it's time to call W&W Services. Dishwashers can cause wood damage, and even black mold if a leak is ignored for too long.

Samsung dryer wont start? We have just the part to resolve this repair. Same day service on dryers.

Rinse aid helps dry dishes in dishwashers. Name brand products like jet-dry works well.

If your refrigerator is leaking you could have a cooling issue, or a water leak from a water line.

Samsung refrigerator freezing up, or loud noise that stops when door is opened? We are extremely familiar with this, and other brands having frost build up in refrigerator.

With so many moving parts like fans, compressors, and ice makers its best to just pinpoint the direction of the noise and call for your appointment.

Microwave isn’t heating is a common issue and yes, microwaves can be fixed. Only qualified technicians should make repairs to microwaves. They have high voltages and can be very dangerous.

Is your oven temp’ wrong? We can recalibrate most ovens to get your cookies perfectly baked.

This varies on parts mainly. A lot of times, parts are NLA(no longer available) but never fear, W&W is here, and we can repair most NLA parts better than new to avoid replacing with a new one.

Front load washer stinks? Leaving the door propped open when not in use helps the washer air out. We also suggest running a self clean cycle once a month with a product like Affresh.

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