For affordable in-home appliance repair, call the professionals at W&W Services today. We’re here to help you when you need fast and easy appliance repair at your home.

Top-Rated Appliance Repair Service

Here at W&W Services, we’re a full-service company that provides large and small appliance repair for every major brand. If you’ve ever dealt with the inconvenience of a broken-down appliance, you know how important it is to have affordable appliance repair from a company you can trust.

When you call us, one of our professional technicians will be there right away to fix your appliance so you can quickly get back to normal life. Here’s a list of the household appliances that we repair:

Refrigerator Repair in Roanoke

If your fridge and freezer aren’t cooling properly, we can help. We offer fast and easy refrigerator repair that will have your fridge ice-cold again before you know it. Once you call us, you won’t have to wait very long. Our techs will be there in a jiffy to get your fridge or freezer working again, no matter what kind of problem you’re having with it.

Washer & Dryer Repair in Roanoke

Nobody wants to haul laundry to and from the laundromat and then wait around while it’s washing and drying. Unfortunately, that’s life when your washer or dryer isn’t working. If you’re having those problems, you’ve got to call us right away.

We can repair virtually any issue: leaking washers, shaking washers, broken dryers, dryers that won’t heat—and that’s just a few of the common repairs we perform. So no matter what washer or dryer problems you’re having, we can handle them quickly and efficiently.

Microwave Oven Repair in Roanoke

We also offer small appliance repair, so if your microwave oven is on the fritz, we can help. Microwaves provide great convenience—until they break, that is.

When you first call us, our experienced techs will ask you some questions so they can determine exactly how to fix your microwave. Once they’ve got the correct information, they can usually fix the problem on the first service call. In fact, we have a 96% first-call completion rate for our customers.


Repair of Ranges and Cooktops in Roanoke

We also offer fast and easy appliance repair services for ranges and cooktops. A stove is a significant investment, so if there’s ever a problem, it usually makes more sense to repair it rather than replace it.

We have the skills to handle any range or cooktop repair, whether the burners aren’t working, the stove won’t heat, or any other problem. Once we get there, we’ll inspect your stove, determine the best method for fixing it, and get it working again as quickly as possible.

Brands We Repair

We repair all major appliance brands for Roanoke and Denton County households, so all you have to do is call us when you need our repair services for a broken appliance.

Our years of experience have given us the skills to repair all the major appliance brands, so you won’t have to be inconvenienced for very long. Here are some of the major appliance brands we service:

Contact the Experts at W&W Services Appliance Repair Today

For the best in-home appliance repair, contact the experts at W&W Services today. Call us at (940) 366-1118 to learn more about our affordable appliance repair services.

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